Harvesting carrots

Aurora jumped right in.

I think the boys are doing the crazy carrot dance

Aurora can't get enough




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Halibut fillets and a great weekend on the beach

We just got back from a fun but exhausting halibut fishing weekend. Our yearly hunting/gathering begins every Memorial Day weekend when my wife’s extended family, and about half of the congregation, travels 5 hours south and spends the weekend camping …

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Thus begins my adventures in beekeeping…

I received my package of bees yesterday and put them in the hive. I have to say, the experience of dumping 4lbs of bees out of a box in front of me was…unsettling. But they’re cute little buggers, and it …

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The last of the harvest

We had snow for the first time yesterday; big flakes came down for about an hour, but nothing stuck. The temperatures quickly dropping (25F this morning) it was time to get the remaining veggies out of the garden.

Moose hunting …

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A final garden update

The growing season is quickly coming to an end. In all honesty, it has not been a good season here in southcentral Alaska. We broke records for consecutive days of rain, and the temperatures never got that impressive.

a portion

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Garden Update Part 2

Having just finished weeding my garden in the rain, I thought it might be a good idea to add a picture of its current state…

The garden at the end of June

The early harvest: kale, mustard greens, and radishes

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