No One Howls Anymore

I’ve been recently teaching my students Whitman, and introduced them to Ginsberg. While I haven’t written any poetry in a while, I really got inspired by rereading “Howl” and “America” by Ginsberg. At the same time, I have come to

The Arc

They have a certain curvature of the back

— a graceful arc under perfect 15-year-old skin.

This arc is the result of many sunny hours of youth

spent indoors under the soft glow

of computer screens.


This is a …

Tonight Across America

I ran across this poem that I wrote a while back. And here it is…

Tonight across America

the glow of ten millions screens

illuminate 20 million faces.

They cheer, they laugh, they weep:

the room grows warmer from

human …


Backlit snows on distant peaks;

The rest of the world is shadow

The wind is strangely absent

And it’s clear that it is going to rain.

Two thousand feet up and fifteen miles away

is an alpine meadow.

The fireweed …