Halibut fillets and a great weekend on the beach

We just got back from a fun but exhausting halibut fishing weekend. Our yearly hunting/gathering begins every Memorial Day weekend when my wife’s extended family, and about half of the congregation, travels 5 hours south and spends the weekend camping on the beach and fishing for halibut. We fish from 12ft zodiacs, which can be fairly thrilling when the waves are up. Although all of the fish were small this year, we did well and came home with a good portion of halibut meat. The weather was good, and my oldest son went out on the boat for the first time. He was pretty impressed, though he’s still too young to put up a halibut.

Tonight: beer-battered halibut!

All the halibut we caught this weekend were small, but still good eating!

These are the boats we fish from. We usually put four people in a boat. With eight halibut, there's not a lot of room when we come back!

The sunset at 11:30pm. I love Alaska.

Next up: dipnetting for salmon in a couple of weeks!

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