The economics of chickens


Our buff orpington

I recently sat down with a pencil and a piece of paper to determine how much our home-grown chicken eggs are costing us up here in Alaska. Obviously, we are not keeping laying hens for economic …

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Harvesting carrots

Aurora jumped right in.

I think the boys are doing the crazy carrot dance

Aurora can't get enough




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The End of Moose Season

Friday was the last day of moose season, and while I never got the big bull I was hoping for ( I did get a 1/3 of a moose I helped butcher and haul out of the swamp earlier this …

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Halibut fillets and a great weekend on the beach

We just got back from a fun but exhausting halibut fishing weekend. Our yearly hunting/gathering begins every Memorial Day weekend when my wife’s extended family, and about half of the congregation, travels 5 hours south and spends the weekend camping …

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