The Alternative Christian

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The Alternative Christian’s Guide to Revolution

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I began The Alternative Christian just before the birth of our first child. In the midst of the big changes I was experiencing, I felt the need to examine my own faith. My vision, when I started writing, was twofold: I wanted to reexamine my own assumptions about what spirituality can mean, and I wanted to affirm others who were not truly satisfied by the trappings of “Institutional Christianity.”

Let me stop here to say something: As you look at the titles of these two works, please realize that I’m not trying to coin a new phrase. In fact, I’m utterly dissatisfied with the term “Alternative Christian” (any suggestions for alternate titles would be very much appreciated). The truth is, I’ve had to settle on a title for the vision I have, and this what I’ve settled on for now.

The Alternative’s Christian’s Guide to Revolution is still in the works. It is essentially an essay/manifesto/book about tough decisions. The more I am educated about the the functioning of our society, the more I am convinced that the sort of spirituality that Jesus proposed is┬ádiametrically opposed to┬ámuch of current American culture.

The Alternative’s Christian’s Guide to Revolution seeks to explore how the Alternative Christian can awaken from destructive ideologies of culture and religion. The book centers around the revolutionary implications of living an Alternative Christian life. I’ve posted the first section, with additional sections to follow.


  1. Dominic on September 29, 2010 at 5:45 am

    i like what your talking about keep going with it.

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