Utopian Visions

I’m in the process of writing a short-ish story about the future. Specifically, I’m looking to imagine what a low-energy, low-consumption future would look like in the best possible case. As I’m organizing my thoughts, I’m curious what my millions of readers think .

What would a Utopian future look like to you? Give me some ideas in the comment section of this post!


One response to “Utopian Visions”

  1. Utopia . . . as in sci-fi? It would be great to turn waste into energy — any kind of waste, garbage, manure, whatever. And find a way to de-toxify the chemicals that have polluted our environment and our bodies. Since we’re dreaming, low consumption would mean creating/finding a natural crop that would replace plastic. Like wool or cane, it could be used in multiple ways and then recycled back into the ground or reused.

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